About Us

Thomasville Magazine is a quarterly publication about people, places, and events in historic Thomasville and Thomas County with photographs and articles about items of interest and significance from the surrounding area.

Additionally our publication provides many features including the following:

  • Stories about people, businesses and industries playing significant roles in the area’s history, growth and development.
  • In-depth coverage of issues affecting the area.
  • Photos and sketches of Thomasville and Thomas County people, from elected officials to your next door neighbor.

Thomasville Magazine is distributed through paid subscription and individual copy sales at various outlets. The magazine will also be found in virtually every hotel room, each school library and public library in each of the Thomas County communities, as well as in each bank lobby and waiting room of professional offices.


Founder: John D. "Jack" Kelly

March 15, 1931 – July 8, 2015